Advertisements must be paid for in advance and proof of purchase must be presented to the Media office prior to the running of an ad.
Advertisers may not dictate location in the Media unless their contract includes a payment for location assurance. Every effort will be made to use sound journalistic and advertising principles in layout.
The Media will not carry ads intended as a joke or a hoax.
No ads will be carried upside down or sideways without approval of the Media Coordinator.
We reserve the right to refuse to accept unsolicited ads or to request that they be paid in advance.
We will not accept advertising which discriminates on the basis of age, sex, race, creed or handicap.
We reserve the right to reject any class of ad which does not meet legal and ethical standards of the Media.
All libelous statements, profanity, obscenities and statements in poor taste are subject to editing.
Responsibility for copyright clearance is with the advertiser. Ads containing copyrighted material may be rejected if clearance is not provided along with the ad.
In cases of errors in ads, the Media Counselor, working with the Media Coordinator, will determine if and how much an ad should be pro-rated.