Advisor Spotlight: Allen Klassen

By Maverick Aggson -Staters Union

The legion is full of veterans from wars overseas, as well civilian guards men and women that keep the nation safe on a civilian level. However, Allan Klassen has a very unique story, in that what brought him into contact with The Legion was his father.

Pete Klassen was a Korean war Vet and electrical contractor. He would teach soldiers in repair and maintenance of radio equipment; he also was an influential member on the city council.

Allen has been involved in Kansas Boys State for over 40 years

Following close at his fathers hip, A young Klassen absorbed this spirit of public service, stating when asked about his father and other Veterans impact on him,”veterans and their comradery and wanting to give back to the community inspired me.”

He attended Boys State for the first time in 1976, and came back for counselling in 77.

“My Friends in boys state led to me coming back and leading year after Year”, Klassen stated after being asked what inspired him to stay with Boys State and the Legion.

“We do it for you, but we also enjoy counselling to the utmost.”

As much as his friends and family had influenced him, the staters he came to serve had just as much of an impact.

After 40 years of counselling, management, and overall dedication to the Boys State of Kansas, what Klassen would like to leave with every stater present, can be summed up best in his own words below.

 “The Staters that I gave some advice to that succeeded, came back to pass that information forward to future generations… I hope that students walk away understanding that they are a part of government, and the government makes very hard decisions..” -Allen Klassen

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