A Name of Significance: “Thane”

By: Josiah Gregory
For many at Kansas Boys State, along with Boys State conventions around the country, “Thane Chastain” is a name that holds major significance. For many years Thane worked at KBS before moving to become Dean of Special Projects for Boys State New Jersey. He worked closely with media at KSBS and those in Media remember him as not only a positive influence, but the reason they are here. Some people even say Thane was the reason they came back after a years-long hiatus. “Thane bought most of the equipment here,” Logan Gideon said on Sunday night, referring to pieces of media equipment. “I wouldn’t be here today if it hadn’t been for Thane.” Thane also worked with the Kansas Leadership Center for nearly ten years before his sudden and untimely death in February. “Whether they’d met him or not, Thane’s work touched the lives of thousands, in Kansas, across the country, and around the globe,” said Julia Fabris McBride, interim president and CEO and chief leadership development officer of the Kansas Leadership Center. He was also an active part of the Tallgrass Film Festival. Chastain was deeply devoted to his family – including, but not limited to his mother, Jane Chastain, brother and sister-in-law, Shawn and Debbie Chastain, respectively, nieces and nephews, Lindsey, Eric, and Elsie Chastain, his dog Jackson, and his honorary nieces and nephews, one of which is attending Kansas Boys State currently – Josiah Gregory. His financial, but more importantly his emotional and physical, contributions to Kansas Boys State will be deeply missed by all.

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