A Cautious Divide: Opposing Parties Establish Platforms

By Matt Goeckel and Thomas Reece – Staters Union In light of the upcoming election, a representative from each party has stepped forward to give their views on how the party will operate. The Federalists elected their party leader Sunday night. Through long discussions with the other county chairmen, each party has developed a platform consisting of their current goals for the upcoming election. The Federalist party is mainly looking to grow business by lowering business taxes and giving power back to the people. The leader said that, “The Federalist party wants to focus on enforcing [the idea of] private business,” and many of their political views reflect this claim. The representative also heavily expressed the Federalists’ intent to bring back manufactured goods as well as focus on highway and railroad construction. With a concise and driven platform to work off of, the Federalist party has its priorities set for the election and issues to follow. A Nationalist representative from Bradley County stated that candidates from their party can be seen promoting democratization, a form of government where representatives will favor the general workers instead of interest groups. Other interests of the Nationalist Party include improving education, the environment, and the economy, as well as reducing crime and government corruption. Nationalist leaders are looking for candidates who are open to problem solving and have the ability to adapt to the ever-changing problems facing the state. They will accept any level of liberal viewpoints from their candidates, as long as they agree with the end goals of the party. The Nationalist party is ready to take on these issues, but first will prepare for this week’s elections.   Photo Credit Julian Kincaid]]>