A Change in Mind

In the last few days there have been campaign slogans, speeches, and promises being thrown at the Delegates of the Boy’s State of Kansas. Delegates have been exposed to opinions favoring as well as opposing their party and some individuals have taken different opinions into consideration. A Federalist party leader, CJ Pfanstiel, expressed to The Delegate that Nationalist Governor, Karthik Kasarabada, had convinced him to join the Nationalist party despite CJ having strong Federalist values. “I am running for Lt. Governor position on the Nationalist party platform, but I am still a Federalist at heart,” CJ said. Pfanstiel recognizes that even though he is running for a Nationalist position he still remains true to his Federalist values. By understanding the Federalist goals and ideals, CJ believes he can bring those values and integrate them into a position of leadership with the Nationalist party as well. “I was actually a leader of the Federalist party, I am very familiar with the policies, I understand their policies, I like their policies,” CJ said. Furthermore, with CJ’s involvement as a Federalist in the Nationalist party he hopes to find a middle ground. Doing so means that he can still refer to his conservative Federalist ideals as well as working alongside Nationalists in order to find ways to pass bills and other forms of legislature. By becoming more bipartisan, the new Nationalist Lieutenant Governor candidate believes this partnership can direct both parties down the same path rather than dividing the two. “However, Karthik, the governor candidate for the Nationalists, has convinced me that he is looking to work bipartisanly within Congress to pass bills and as a Federalist I feel I provide that more conservative voice within our cabinet to make sure that compromise is met,” CJ said.  ]]>