Boys Nation Senators hold press conference

By Alex Veliz and Noah Mead Staters Union On Friday, two candidates were chosen to represent the state of Kansas at Boys Nation. The two representatives are Rese Wynn from MacArthur County and Alex Trobough from Powell County. At the press conference on Friday they were both asked questions revolving around both political and personal views on Boys Nation. IMG_5183One of the questions asked at the press conference was what personal goals the representatives were hoping to achieve at Boys Nation. “There are certain things that Kansas doesn’t have and we don’t have as big of a voice on a national stage and I think that we can help that,” said Alex Trobough. On a more personal perspective the representatives were also asked what they wanted to get out of the experience at Boys Nation. “I hope of gaining a more broader knowledge on a federal base kind of government,” said Rese Wynn. “The big benefit for me personally is the people I will meet,” said Alex Trobough. The representatives will be meeting in Washington D.C. with 96 others from across the country, debating and voting upon pieces of legislation, with at least two coming from Kansas. Neither of the delegates commented on whether or not they would take advantage of the White House’s restroom in the same manner as one of last years delegates, David Sotelo.]]>