Budget Protest

By: Omar Andrade and Cale Chapman Thursday morning, dozens of delegates flooded the halls outside of the House of Representatives chamber, protesting for the budget to be passed. The delegates chanted and waved signs while lined up against the glass walls of the house chamber. “We need it passed right now so we have money to do stuff to help King County out, specifically stop the spread of this fire,” MacArthur County Delegate Cole Regere said, “We need money so we can pass things and so we can get stuff built, but if they don’t get their act together, nothing’s going to happen.” As the House of Representatives was voting, the chants of protesters could be heard outside. “What do we want?”, a protester yelled, while the other protesters replied with “Money!”, then the protester replied with, “When do we want it?”, and the others replied with, “Now!”, which shows how upset these protesters were about not getting a budget passed yet. The protest even managed to attract the attention of the governor, Chayne Desasso, who joined protesters after arriving on the scene. “The budget is good, we need the budget,” DeSasso said, “the government can’t do anything without the budget.” Eventually, the protest was broken up by Boys State counselors because the college fair needed to be set up. The protesters did not let that stop them and quickly broke into two groups in order to cover the main exits. Soon after, the budget was passed through the House and the protest dissipated.   ]]>