Communication is Key

By Derek Bryant and Luke Steinle – Staters Union It’s hard to believe that Boys State is about to come to a close. However, as we passed the halfway mark and elected a new executive council it became apparent that communication at Boys State could definitely be better. Media was tipped off late Tuesday night to possible donations that were made to Connor Casey (F) and not used for his campaign. When this issue was brought to the attention of Casey he denied having any donations made to his account saying “we went off our natural charisma.” When asked to present his campaign disclosure forms he told us that he didn’t know anything about any such form and that he didn’t think any of the other candidates did either. We then made our way to the meeting going on between the newly elected council to find out more about this miscommunication. As it turned out, none of the elected candidates had filled out the required forms and they all denied on record having received any donations. None of the elected officials took any donations for their campaign. It is obvious that the communication at Boys state could be better from the fact that none of the necessary forms were filled out by any elected officials, something they can’t truly be blamed for. The only money spent on campaigning by any of of the candidates was the State Treasurer who spent $45 of his own money.]]>