Conservation the Topic of Discussion in Congress

By Guthrie Turner and Luke Steinle  Environment was a hot topic in the House of Representatives today. Representative Justin Grega (F) proposed an in-depth bill which would essentially set goals for Kansas Boys State to meet the requirements of the Paris Accord. Changes were made to make it a state level policy rather than a national policy. The state, as well as businesses, cities and counties would be responsible for providing emissions reports to the Department of Natural Resources. The goal is to reduce emissions by 15-20% in 3 years. After 5 years, the policy may be changed depending on the condition of the state. Arguments were little to none in the morning session of the Senate on Wednesday as three bills were passed. One of the bills, authored by Senator Aidan Gray (N), was put in place to reclassify some nonviolent drug possessions as misdemeanors and also fund rehab centers from unused penitentiary money. Another bill piggybacked off of this idea in order to repeal the mandatory minimum sentence for felonious nonviolent recreational drug possession. The third bill proposed the idea of converting marshlands into hunting preserves and wildlife areas into state parks, thus creating a new source of income.]]>