Counties and Departments Talk Killdozer

Protests broke out the meeting room that discussed and voted for the budget, primarily to voice their opinions on the Killdozer plans for the budget. Commissioner of Powell County, Gibson Hobbs, explained why Powell County decided to help out in the protest. He believes that it was important to have to his county rally for a cause that would be beneficial to them. “It came to my attention that it’s a popular demand of the people in my county, and so the mayor and I, in the best interest of our county, decided to use our pride to start this strike and people of other counties joined in,” said Hobbs Hobbs also stated that the rally was more than just Powell County, and that many others joined in for a similar cause. “We’re all uniting behind this, no matter what our allegiances are, because this is the will of the people versus the will of just a few,” said Hobbs. The Department of Economy’s chairman, Andrew, explained why the departments decide to release the mandate to not fund anything for the Killdozer monument. “So basically, we realized the Killdozer project could be a waste of money and resources in general,” said Andrew. “Throughout the departments they will have no other way of distributing the funds, there will be no way they can get the money out, and so we effectively killed Killdozer,”  ]]>