Debates help Staters decide their votes

By Jordan Waymaster Staters Union Much preparation has come down to one debate. In this debate the Federalists duked it out against the Nationalists in McCain auditorium for the votes of the staters. The candidates answered many questions involving everything from abortion to minimum wage. On one question of abortion, here’s what the Nationalist debate2Treasurer Candidate had to say: “I believe in women’s rights, but I believe that everyone deserves life, so I move that we continue the status quo on current abortion laws”. This was the Federalists rebuttal, “I’m all for women’s rights as well, however I think we need to make decisions for those who can’t make decisions for themselves yet; those in the womb. We need to make sure that we are producing the best Kansans out there.” Another question had the candidate’s stance on minimum wage. Heres what the federalists had to say. “I want to keep an open mind about minimum wage.” The same candidate went on to express his observation about how the Nationalist party might have backtracked on their original stance on minimum wage. The Nationalists on the other hand, found holes in the Federalists argument and went on to give facts that supported their ideals of raising the minimum wage to twelve dollars and fifty cents. After the debate, the candidate’s campaigning job ended and the Staters votes were cast. The votes favored the Federalist party heavily with all of the Federalist candidates winning their desired offices.]]>