Editor’s Corner: Monday

By Sam Danneberg, Editor-in-Chief From Ulysses S. Grant’s illegally doubling of the presidential salary to Bill Clinton’s swearing he did not have relations with that woman, scandal has engulfed politicians since the beginning of time. Soon to be candidates can learn from mistakes of men before them, to avoid a scandal at Boys State. First things first, it is never okay put one’s personal interests or a select group’s interests over the general populations. The public is always watching. A politician’s greatest tool is a set of ears. If a leader cannot listen to the followers, their popularity will diminish. At the very least, political figures need to make an effort to represent the opinions of those they represent. Trust is a politician’s best friend. One lie can ruin one’s reputation. Power within officials should be utilized professionally and efficiently. There is no room for favoritism, greediness, or closed ears. Scandal can be found everywhere, and while there may never be a Boys Stater who is charged with funding criminals, there is a possibility for corruption in everyone. Those flaws can and will be found.]]>