Letters to the Editor: "A Double Standard No More"

By Colton Wellnitz On Monday morning, a bill was presented to the House regarding the drinking age, but was tabled due to lack of time. It passed during the afternoon session. This bill is a huge step in the right direction because for years there has been a double standard regarding adulthood. You can vote at 18, males must register for the Selective Service, you can choose to join the military, and you have rights of your own, separate from those of your parents. Why can’t you drink until age 21? It’s obviously not a health issue, as you can buy cigarettes at 18 and smoking is more dangerous than drinking. It’s not a safety issue, as teen drivers make up one of the smallest proportions of those convicted of DUI. There is no reason and nothing should be done without a reason. Thank you for your support, Colton Wellnitz City of Bramlage, Eisenhower County]]>