Midweek Mayhem

Merely hours after the governor and his cabinet were elected, the House and Senate continued to work together to attempt the passing of bills but were faced with a strong clash within their groups. President of the Senate took a strong stance on budgeting that may compromise any progress towards legislation. Others, including Governor White, disagreed with the proposition that the Senate President wished to push and mentioned that a possible shutdown would occur if the group disregarded any current bills, policies, and even the state budget proposal in order to ensure the passing of their own policies. This has created a conflict between the House and the Senate, which could result in a government shutdown if an agreement can’t be reached. “And we said, ‘well, we’re discussing the abortion bill, when are you guys gonna get some of our bills passed.’ And they said, ‘well, frankly, we don’t see a point in that until the Killdozer resolution goes through’” said speaker of the house Declan Carter. Speaker Declan Carter voiced his opinion to The Delegate that the House will not let their power  be taken by the Senate. Carter and the rest of his party defended themselves in the interview. “What they’re trying to do is say, look, we have the power, but the bottom line is they’re not respecting our power. The House is equal,” said Carter. In an interview with the Senate Minority Leader Camden Baxter, one of the initial proposers of the idea, gave background information about the Killdozer. Baxter introduced a man named Marvin Heemeyer who acted against the government after they unfairly charged him after the destruction of his personal property. Baxter also mentioned a few reasons why the Senate specifically supports the proposition. “We believe that Killdozer represents an extremely important aspect of the American experience, of what it means to be an American,” Baxter said. The Killdozer proposal was agreed upon unanimously by the Senate but is currently receiving opposition from the House, particularly because of the request of $1,000,000 dollars for the proposal which is nearly a tenth of the budget allocated to the House and the Senate.    ]]>