New Nationals

Photo Credit Dustin Cuirel Photo Credit Dustin Cuirel[/caption] Boys State, a program deeply rooted in over 80 years of tradition, is branching out and providing a new supplementary position. The Boys’ State National Guard program is being headed by Jack Curtis, Pershing County Counselor, with some help from Maximillian Curtis, Bradley County Counselor. The idea for this new position stems from Jack Curtis’s military background and realization that delegates in previous sessions lacked important knowledge about the inner workings of the National Guard, as well as its impact on the state budget. The introduction of the new position is meant to take a deeper look into the personal relations, state government aspect and, particularly, the lesser known emergency response procedures that the National Guard practices. This position was created in response to several Boy’s State Delegates creating a so called Boy’s State Militia in the past. Jack Curtis seeked to eliminate this issue by designing an official position, and thus the National Guard office was formed.