Press Conference Q&A

What are the first three issues you want to tackle first? Governor DeSasso:

  • Get to know departments and local governments
  • Ramp up the energy industry to strengthen the economy
  • Connect with the House and Senate to sign bills
Lt. Governor Baker:
  • Work with the new cabinet to carefully craft the budget
  • Take a closer look into taxes on the county level
  • Communicate and coordinate with local governments
Attorney General Williams:
  • Analyze newly proposed gun safety bills
  • Review crime rates and the judiciary system as a whole
  • Communicate with the governor to better understand his vision
State Treasurer Elliot:
  • Fix the tax issues plaguing local communities
  • Review education funding to ensure quality of schools
  • Revitalize the agricultural industry/counties
Secretary of State Payne:
  • Communicate with IT to create a Boys State app for voting and etc.
  • Explore beliefs of constituents
  • Pass a budget
Commissioner of Insurance:
  • Ensure insurance is affordable, with an emphasis in healthcare
  • Regulate business rates
  • Work with other representatives
With there being a 4-2 split between 2 parties in the administration, how do you plan on bridging the gap between the 2 different sides? (Whole administration agreed) Gap was small, close to nonexistent, very small differences, party algorithm not 100% Did the emergence of a third party hurt your race? Governor DeSasso: Liberty party hurt nationalists more Someone: Liberty wanted to bridge the gap but they were more nationalist leaning than true middle]]>