Real Judge, Real Trial

Monday’s trial between the Department of Humanities and Powell County took an unexpected turn leaving many confused about what would happen next; the court ruled with no charges against Powell and a possibility for reimbursement to all other counties due to a certain added policy for the Department. After speaking with Humanities member, Kyser Meininger, the Delegate was able to get an understanding on the mood inside the Department. “We definitely want to win, but I would just like to squash the beef between us,” Meininger stated. Meininger also gave his opinion on the first trial and hopes for a more fair trial than the original. A fair trial will presumably bring a proper solution to the situation and satisfy the disgruntled Department. “It kind of depends on the trial because I don’t think that we had a very fair trial the first time,” Meininger said. While the Department tries to move in a positive direction, they want to do so as quickly as possible. The trial has had a huge impact on the Humanities department early in the week, and the department hopes to move forward and focus on more issues other than the court case. Both sides of the court case have agreed that the court case has dragged on too long. Powell county even suggested gaining compensation for wasted time according to County Council member Travis Babcock. The retrial with real judges finished with a verdict open to a series of possibilities. The added policy stated that any grants given to a county for education would have to replicated for all counties. The plan was suggested by the Department and further evaluation was deemed necessary to provide a valid interpretation of the added policy. Another trial to settle this issue may be needed.]]>