Staters Union staff sits in on department proceedings

By Aaron Simpson and Jordan Waymaster Staters Union In times of economic stagnation, many departments have had a hard time providing funds for the infrastructure of the state and counties. However, a few departments we talked to have found ways to work IMG_5231at both the county and the state level effectively. Earlier this week, the Department of Transportation provided roadways connecting each of the counties. In our short time with them we found that the majority of the necessities for infrastructure were covered. Just across the hall from the Department of Transportation, we sat in with the Department of Tourism to get the gist of plans for tourist attractions. Though the Department funds were low at around $4000, there were discussions of a potential Veteran Museum, construction of which would be funded by PAC grants. In Kennedy County, we caught up with the People for the American Way on how the recent financial instability was affecting their operations. They commented, “We just have to sit here and wait.” Even though the PAW did just that for a while today while waiting to access the funds needed to help their causes, they made comments that were optimistic regarding the future. All of these groups are making progress even during these times of financial and economic turmoil and remain hopeful for things to come.]]>