'Thill For Victory' – Nationalists Take Majority of Positions

By Derek Bryant – Staters Union As Alex Thill made his way on stage at the Nationalist Party Caucus, his attitude was powerful and his vocalization of his plans sealed his spot as the Nationalist candidate for governor. During operations Tuesday afternoon, and on stage Tuesday evening, Thill made it clear that he truly was a man with a plan sealing his spot as governor. Governor Thill plans to work with both Nationalists and Federalists and made his position on this issue clear. “I want work for the whole state of Kansas,” Thill said, “which means I absolutely have to and will work for Federalists by supporting their bills, by supporting their government officials and supporting their congressmen especially in passing bills in the Senate and the House.” Governor Thill plans to move towards a greener Kansas, saying “Make Kansas green again.” This in fact has some of the oil and gas counties worried, however Governor Thill has stated on record that he plans to cut the severance tax placed on these counties in half. Governor Thill fully supports small business as well. “I will as governor absolutely not veto any bill that supports small business,” Thill said. Two Federalists earned positions as executive officers: Connor Casey as attorney general and Matthew Owens as treasurer. The rest of the officers elected were of the Nationalist party and include: Nolen Wright as commissioner of insurance, Dennis “Denny” Rice as secretary of state and Micah Self as lieutenant governor. This leaves our state with Federalists holding the majority in both the house and the senate and Nationalists holding the majority in the executive office.]]>