Unaswered Questions Kill Senate Bill

By Guthrie Turner – Staters Union There was extensive debate over an immigration law on Tuesday in the Senate that eventually ended in the bill’s eradication. The bill’s details were in correlation to Kansas’ sanctuary cities who fail to comply with federal law. The law enforcement of these cities would have to impose these laws or else they will lose a percentage of their state subsidies. The questions behind these, however, lie in the core of the simulation. Are there subsidies for the law enforcement to begin with? Are there even illegal immigrants? Whether there are or aren’t illegal immigrants, would the bill be good insurance? Some Staters thought that the bills should be tabled in order to take time in asking IT about these aspects of the simulation. Others believed that it would be a win-win and should be passed at the current time. Still others wanted the bill to be struck down, thinking it was, for the most part, pointless. The last of the three perspectives won, and the bill died.]]>