Unemployment Rocks State

By: Caden Moore In the aftermath of the first day of city operations, many staters were shocked to wake up and find out that they had lost their assigned jobs. More panic ensued when they then discussed this with others in their city, and discovered that most, or even all in some situations, had become unemployed as well. Most cities, including Klassen City, from MacArthur County, as well as Chastain City, from Eisenhower County, believe that these huge spikes in unemployment can be traced back to raising taxes to attempt to raise funds to be put to use on improving their respective cities. Both cities mentioned earlier had similar plans to reverse the damages done to their economy. They propose to either revert the taxes to their original percentages, or reduce them to a more reasonable change. These happenings are textbook examples of the unpredictable nature of government, and it can be said that delegates will exercise more caution in their financial decisions in the future.]]>