Veteran's Spotlight: Larry Andrews

By Brandon Hurn Staters Union The Boys State of Kansas is sponsored by the American Legion, an organization known by Rex Gardner, the executive director, as the “greatest veteran organization in the world.” Larry Andrews, retired Air Force Sergeant and current Legionnaire of post 273, is one of the valued veterans at Boys State. Andrews entered the Air Force in lary-c1981 as a Basic Airman, and progressed through the ranks to Sergeant. He attended basic training in San Antonio, and proceeded to a training center in Illinois where he was trained for aircraft maintenance. He served a tour in Germany servicing F4 phantom aircrafts, and later returned to America at the conclusion of his active duty in 1985  to be trained in the mechanics of other models of airplanes. Following his time in the Air Force, Andrews spent 20 years as an egress system mechanic for several models of aircrafts. Andrews retired with a total of 26 years in service, and joined the American Legion. When a member from his post who had been involved with the Boys State passed away, Andrews volunteered to work with the program. “As legionnaires, we should support our programs,” Andrews said. “It’s really cool to see you (staters) go through this experience at this point in your life.”]]>