WW2 Veteran John Lindholm Speaks to Staters on D-Day

By Media Staters – Staters Union Tuesday afternoon had a treat in store for several Staters as they had the opportunity to meet World War II veteran John Lindholm. Lindholm discussed his early life and the many aspects of Boys State. He also had many pieces of memorabilia set up from his years in service for Staters to view. Lindholm says his earliest memories are working on his family farm near Cheney, Kansas. After graduating Cheney High School in 1941, he attended Kansas State University for one semester before heading to Wichita to repair B-29 “Superfortress” Planes. He planned to enlist in the military following the Pearl Harbor Bombing in 1941, but the age limit was still 21. When the government lowered the age limit to 18 in 1942, Lindholm enlisted and was sworn into service on December 12, 1942. He decided to join the U.S. Army Air Corps, the division of the army that would become the U.S. Air Force in 1947. His decision was influenced by some fond memories from Cheney such as when he took his first ride in an airplane at age 10, and his Boy Scout troop leader allowed Lindholm to fly his personal plane on occasion. Lindholm would later Pilot the “Flying Fortress” B-17 Bomber during World War II. Lindholm became involved with Boys State of Kansas 18 years ago when his grandson was a Stater. He loves to see Staters come out of their shells and change throughout the week. “The change in the week is intense,” Lindholm said. The veteran also had some advice for Staters. “The main thing is [being] involved,” Lindholm said. “Don’t sit back and let others do the work.”]]>