Who is the Best County?

By  Jack Kapple and Aaron Simpson Staters Union Who is the best county at Boys State? If you found yourself marching alongside a Boys State county, this question would be met with an uproaring, militaristic response. Beyond the grounds of the Federalist and Nationalist feud, the underlying aspiration for political influence drives competition between counties. All Staters hold pride in their counties and believe that theirs is indeed the best; but who truly reigns supreme? More importantly, is it a matter worth debating over? To answer these questions, we sought input from some of the loudest counties here at Boys State. Winning five seats in the Primary Election, Marshall County was the one to beat; citing their team dynamic and valued goals. “We all come together and work together as a team… Marshall has the opportunity to do something special.” said Max Curtis. Apart from the solid team structure of Marshall County, we found the quite haughty regards of MacArthur County. “Rule number one: we are number one.” said Jacob. While there is a very diverse cast of characters here at Boys State, they all have their own quirks and attributes that combine to make a very unique soup, as Thane Chastain would say. It undeniably takes all of them to make a fully functioning play.]]>