The Bills of Reputable Nature

By Maverick Aggson -Staters Union

 BREAKING NEWS; tensions begin to rise between the house and senate as several bills are passed throughout the week to ruffle the feathers of either establishment.

The first bill of Reputable nature was passed earlier this week as a stone throw to the senate from the house, according to sources within the house the bill was almost unanimously passed.

The Bill, known as ‘Senator Condemnation Regarding Our Terminated and Unpassed Measures’ condemns the senate for passing only 2 bills at the time, this piece of legislation was very quickly followed by a bill of similar nature, Named, ’Clearly Unproductive Measures Senators Have Ordered and Transcribed’.

As to where this back and forth will end, Perhaps no one will know, however promise is shown with a new Bill authored by Lt.Governor Chris Ramsey and Minority House Leader Neil Gugnani thusly named the ‘Bee Bill’. It appears to be a complex take on the laws of physics and nature, making the bold claim that,”According to all known laws of Aviation, there is no way that a bee should be able to fly.” It is well known that the humble Bee’s physiological structure makes it seem flightless, however, later in the bill it States that,”The Kansas State Government Declares that this occurs because bees don’t care what humans think is possible.”

Truly inspiring words, but will it call the back and forth to an end?

Will the Minority house leader and Lt.Governor beam the gap between the house and senate?

Until the next stage of operations, perhaps we’ll never know

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