Operations spotlight: Education First and the Senate

By Alex Veliz Staters Union There are many different delegate based committees that make up Boys State Operations that each have an important part to play. Two of these components that have an emphasis this year are the Senate and the Education First Committee. “The Senate is perhaps one of the most important pieces of the governmental process not just in Boys State but in the legislature in general,” Tony Wingfield said “The Senate also has a tremendous amount of power in terms of review of laws and passage of laws.” Delegate Sam Mailloux gave his opinion on how the Senate is important to Boys State: “The Senate makes an impact because you get many different point of views to the same story. Also by our actions we can reflect and see we gave some good bills to review and be proud of the work I and the other Senators have done,” Mailloux said. The other committee that has a major emphasis this year is the Education First Committee, that involves funding and also providing the layout of Kansas public schools. “Some of the bills made in this education based department will help further education not only funding programs for high school but also starting younger people more grounded in life as well as education,” Education First Committee member Rese Wynn said. “Education first is important because you can’t expect a group of people to change the future unless they know how.” Education First Counselor Waylon Sheetz also believes much of the success of education will be seen through the execution of funding and cooperation. “It is going to be challenge to overcome some of the discrepancies of the education itself, and other counties have something unique to bring to the table and each have their own values and morals and those will be the main product of what Education First will do for the state,” Sheetz said.]]>