Artistic Staters perform in talent show

By Brandon Hurn and Jack Kapple Staters Union Staters were given the opportunity to show their abilities to their peers on the stage in McCain auditorium. IMG_9898 copyThere was much anticipation for the talent show as a result of both comments made during opening ceremonies and viewings of past talent shows on the Boys State website. “When I first heard that the talent show was going to be a highlight of the week, I was hesitant; but as the night progressed, and I saw more acts, my opinion quickly changed.” said Alex Veliz. Talents ranged from poetic to musical to comedic as well as everything in between. Although the acts were quite diverse, undeniable unity was formed on the stage and in the audience. “The Boys State audience was one of the best audiences I’ve ever had,” said Jack Kapple, a lead actor on the Kauffman Center stage. “I had such a fun time.” Kapple performed his rendition of Elton John’s Rocket Man providing the accompaniment himself on piano. Several other Staters also utilized the piano in their performance, as well as several guitars, and various band instruments. Also included in the show was a self-choreographed dance number, comedy adaptations, and an original poetry recital. At the conclusion of the show, Mike Zimmer returned to Boys State for his annual performance of American Pie. Kapple said, “His performance brought the community together in a way that nothing ever had; it truly was an ending on a high note.”]]>