Investigating the Governor's absence from press conference

By Jordan Waymaster Staters Union Recently our Boys State media held a press conference to give our state officials a way to access the Staters more personally. However when most of our state government showed up, our Governor was no where to be seen, and as a staff member of the media I felt that the Staters needed to know what the governor had to say IMG_1238regarding the questions on all of our minds. Our fully Federalist team of leaders prides itself in how unified it is. At the same time though, many Staters are taken aback at how similar all of our officials are. For instance, the Commissioner of Insurance, Secretary of State, State Treasurer and the Attorney General are all not only from the same party. They are from the same county of Marshall and even the same city of Lane. Many of our fellow Staters are disgusted that only one county is represented and only one city holds four very important members of our state’s government. When I asked the Governor and his assistants about the issue of his absence this morning, they stated that they were told by Boys State officials not to go. Later, I was told that they are just too busy right now to comment on any questions at this time due to their implementation of so many bills, although they had time to comment on a bill involving the legalization of marijuana. As I talked with the Governor and his assistants, at first I felt welcomed by them; however, as I asked more questions I was not only discouraged to ask any further questions, but I felt more and more threatened by the people in our Governor’s office even though I was simply asking questions regarding this morning’s press conference. Is the Governor too busy to care about our people? Or is he actually helping fellow Staters to stay on the path toward a thrivent and productive Boys State?]]>