Department of Commerce pushes past difficulties

By Jacob Doerksen and Tristan Jordan Staters Union This week Staters have been participating in groups, PACs, and other organizations in order to help fund different projects for counties and cities. Today a few members of the 119A7619Media Staff visited the Department of Commerce. When the media first got there, the members of the Department of Commerce were discussing whether or not the natural disaster would affect their department. They eventually realize that several of the counties affected by the tornado had been given infrastructure that the Department of Commerce had provided. The goal of this rendezvous was to discover how this department would react to the natural disaster that occurred on the evening of June 4, 2015. Multiple counties experienced the harsh storm and its intense setbacks and are now in search of more funding in order to rebuild their wrecked communities. When asked about the responsibilities of the Department of Commerce is Keaton Barnes of Hiatt City in King County said, “We try to increase trade between cities and counties. We help to build small businesses in the cities. I enjoy my position.” The members of the Department of Commerce are presented with propositions from counties and cities to fund different organizations and buildings. Their job is to determine where their money is spent and if it’s being used correctly, and it they are providing a great service to the Boys State of Kansas.]]>