Stater reflects on a week of Boys State

By Aaron Simpson Staters Union As we near the end of our experience, it’s important that we not only observe how far we’ve come, but where we’ve come from. According to many counselors, the quality of your experience is dependent on the amount of work you put in. As the week wraps up, is that really true? Do Staters truly believe they’re getting out what they’ve put into the program? The ones we interviewed seemed to think so. “It’ll 18497063935_063933da06_oeasily change your life,” said Devin Gideon of MacArthur County. “If you [throw] it by, you’ll wish you’d done more later on.” From Governor, to the Attorney General, to the Treasurer, to the Media Staff, all Staters have played a crucial part in making this event unique. No one’s work deserves to be deprecated. While the experience varies from person to person, no Stater is leaving the same as they entered. It’s been a week filled with new friendships, self-discovery and lifelong memories. On Sunday, 450 strangers entered, but come Saturday, we’ll leave as 450 brothers. It’s undeniably been a Week that Has Changed our Lives.]]>