Big Brain the Tax Game

To many people, taxes are one of the most- if not the most- important part of their lives. It influences how they spend their money and the way they live their lives. The government needs money in order to properly function, but it is also important for governments to rely on ways other than raising taxes to raise a proper body of finances to accomplish any actions. Higher taxes are not popularly desirable for people, so in order to prevent this problem one city in Kennedy County is working to increase property value. Johnson city in Kennedy county is trying to pump up the city’s profits from property taxes. The city council members are trying to increase the property values of the city for more revenue from property taxes. “An increase in property value gives an increase on money from property taxes the city gets without increasing tax rates,” city council member Gavin Pore said. To increase property values, the city council members are urging its citizens to improve their homes. At the bank, people can buy home improvements ranging from five to five hundred dollars. “Home improvements don’t have to be expensive for a large impact. Just getting some ranging from five to ten dollars helps raise profits from property tax. You can buy a pool, deck, kitchen improvements, or even get a recording booth, but thats expensive,” city council member Logan Hope said. Tax raises are a nightmare for all Americans. But by focusing on home improvements, Johnson city hopes to get more money for its government without burdening its citizens with higher taxes.]]>