Boy's State Gun Control.

By: Cale Chapman Gun Control, one of today’s most divisive political topics has found its’ way into Boys’ State. However, here in Manhattan, it seems representatives have reached a bipartisan consensus. “I’ve talked to both sides and everyone seems pretty alright with it,” Pershing County Delegate Jackson Gardner said, “Most of the federalists are fine with it as long as you can still own the guns, as long as you can pass everything.” Gardner is the delegate behind the House of Representatives’ Gun Control bill, which he’s branded as the Parkland Bill. The main intention of the bill according to Gardner is to provide safety and more control over weapons while still being able to wield the firearms delegates want. Some of the larger points in the bill are; setting the gun purchasing age to 21, allowing minors with hunting licenses to purchase rifles and, conceal and carry. One issue that isn’t included in the bill is regulating attachments like, bump stocks or suppressors. “We are thinking of amending that into the bill,” Gardner said, “We’re still currently discussing the matter of bump stocks, most likely we’ll put something in it that just bans suppressors and bump stocks but, if anything, that will be an amendment the House makes as a whole.”    The House of Representatives continues to advance and work on new bills everyday here at Boys’ State. Check back with the Staters Union whenever you can for more updates on what the legislative branch is working on.  ]]>