Editor's Corner: Wednesday

By: Sam Danneberg-Editor in Chief In my most humble opinion the mid 2010’s will be remembered as the age of ignorance. What brought upon this fad is the rampant perception of fake news. This idea that all media excluding ones catering to particular beliefs; is funded, supported and controlled by the opposing party is insane. The lack of trust in media is the cause of the legitimate bias and malpractice within news reporting. Hatred of the media has created a war within itself that has shifted a good organization from one that reports credible news to one that reports fast, biased news. This dilemma, however, will not be an eternal crisis. Trust will fall back into the hands of the media once political division simmers down. Patience and understanding are key to the return of satisfactory reporting. Fake news is a fad that will end the same way leg warmers and frosted tips did.]]>