Candidates head to The Caucus

-By Maverick Aggson

Federalists and nationalist send up their best as the state Caucuses commence their voting, but who exactly is going up to have the chance at representing the state?

Seitz county is sending  two of their gentlemen from the cities of Thompson and Whorley, Kevin Fall (Federalist nominee) and Kevin Nguyen (Nationalist). 

Fall is running on a platform of inter-community co-operation, through which he hopes to establish proper health and wellbeing for the state of Kansas, and overall speed up the process of state bureaucracy.

Nguyen is advocating for an increased rate of reform as well, stating ,”I want to revitalize western kansas because it has been neglected for so long”, that being said, Kevin Nguyen plans to Cooperate with the state as a whole on Green energy, as well as using business incentives to boost local economies.

As to which candidate the parties believe is best, we still have yet to see at this time.


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