Clean Energy Brings about Bipartisanship.

Seitz County House Representatives including Hap Waddell, House Majority Whip, and Chris Simkins, Seitz County House Representative, are heading a campaign in support of clean energy options for Kansas, creating a bipartisan mood in the House of Representatives. While the specifics are still in the works, the main goal of the bill is to make clean energy technology less expensive, more accessible, and more prevalent in Kansas. Waddell cites the counties of Eisenhower and Patton as their largest potential opposition due to their oil-based economies. He plans on reconciling this potential problem by placing said counties in the center of talks, working with them to help transition their oil-based economies to cleaner alternatives, and just generally being more open to working with all the representatives. Other potential problems for the legislation include funding and party loyalty. Waddell compared the funding issue to something like a “sizable down payment.” Although the barrier of party loyalty has not taken any effect on the bill so far, Waddell believes there is a “gray area” between party lines in the sitting House of Representatives. Whatever issues may arise, Waddell plans on moving forward to create innovative energy solutions for citizens in Kansas.]]>