Land Dispute Lands on DA.

A recent lawsuit involving eminent domain heated up the District Attorney’s Office yesterday, possibly setting a precedent for future action in the State of Kansas. Simon’s Pharmaceutical, a large company based in Kansas, has decided to move its headquarters to the rural neighborhood “Portside”, found inside Bradley County. Following the basic procedures of eminent domain, land around the property and neighborhood has become condemned and purchased; however, resident Jason Swelter has filed a lawsuit on the grounds of it being unjust for the large company to take away his land. County Attorneys Jacob Karrasch and Daylan Williams were asked how this case is more newsworthy than other issues at Boys State to which they replied, “Large companies giving massive blows to rural communities must not be ignored.” The District Attorney’s Office, who is defending the pharmaceutical company and county, wanted to make it a point that while Swelter is losing his land, he would be provided with “just compensation.” A very unique factor for this case is how it creates a possible conflict of interest in young staters; one side being the law, and another being based off of how many delegates here may also be from rural communities.  Cases like these at Boys State are very interesting and important as it allows young thinkers and shakers in our community to plan and create ideas to help solve issues in the future.]]>