County Summit

By Jonah Kim

As budgets were finalized and counties got word, a statewide summit was called in Seitz County to discuss the construction of facilities to better the state. Proposed Were a hydroelectric dam and a regional convention center to be built in Seitz county as all surrounding counties would benefit. To counteract the slight increase in benefit Seitz would receive they also had agreed to take a landfill. This plan would have benefited all counties equally and in building infrastructure, the plan was to bring in more revenue for cities to have the capability to potentially build three star facilities.

    However, when it seemed an agreement was close, Natural Resources arrived, shutting down the idea. The budget proposed and the cost of the project would not leave Natural Resources with enough money left over to accomplish anything else throughout the week. Despite a surplus in the Humanities department and counties willing to pool some money to help cover the costs, Natural Resources was still unwilling to cooperate.

    Instead they proposed an idea that has never been accomplished in any Boys State ever: going to space. Natural Resources outlined a plan in which the counties would compete to see how much money they could raise throughout the week, and by Friday, it would all be pooled together to purchase the space station. The Natural Resources department proposed benefits of making history, generating revenue, and showing the ultimate display of bipartisanship and teamwork.

    Despite some being in support of the idea, many had doubts and felt that the money pooled throughout the week could be put toward more attainable projects that would have an observable impact on the community instead of all used on the last day. No matter what the counties and departments agree on, it will surely be an interesting outcome.


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