Departments finishing strong at Boys State

By Alex Veliz Staters Union Arguably in the state of Kansas some of the most important committees that are at Boys State are the Agricultural and Department of Productive Energy. The Agricultural department overlooks the counties that have at least some involvement with the agrarian industry. “We help four counties in the state of Kansas, and it can vary from passing bills that these counties need or even if they come to us saying they want something we will give them grants,” Greg Flores from Pershing County said. Flores also states the importance of this committee and the role it plays in Boys Nation as well as Kansas. IMG_5231“Kansas is an agricultural state so we play an importance in the economy and the flow of food,” Flores said. “We boost the economy, and essentially distribute the food around all the counties at Boys State.” Another department that is vital to Kansas in terms of alternative forms of fueling different industries in a safer manner is the Department of Productive Energy (Formerly the Department of Energy.) Currently the D.O.P.E has 11 wind projects, two solar plants and one wind powered oil refinery. “Basically, we make sure the money is allocated when it comes to energy, like in the first day when most counties didn’t have anything we helped them get on their feet in terms of energy,” Bryce Helm from Marshall County said. The Department of Productive Energy also helps shape the future of how Kansas will develop energy. “Energy is basically in this day and age a new starting point, so if you don’t have energy you can’t have a whole lot,” Bryce Helm from Marshall County said.]]>