Field Fire Ravages Multiple Counties

While most tension during Kansas Boys State happens due to fighting between counties, departments, and legislature, the weather has added an unexpected twist to the mix. A lightning strike in Pershing County started a wildfire that made an impact not just on Pershing, but on more counties as well. The weather conditions in Kansas helped the wildfire spread from Pershing to both Eisenhower and Patton County. A report from The Delegate’s website describes the fire: “Emergency responders in Pershing County reported a field fire started by a lightning strike. The fire has spread to cover 400 acres. The wildfire started in dry conditions and is fueled by moderate winds.” The report originally suggested that the fire would only be in Pershing County, but it was later reported that the fire spread to Eisenhower and Patton County. Another report posted not too long after the first report states: “The fire in Pershing County is no longer contained. Satellite tracking shows several rapidly moving fire fronts driven by high winds. Due to ember travel up the convection column, it has crossed the river, heading south.” The fire was contained before reaching Kennedy and Powell County, but the affected counties have a lot of work to do. Pershing, Eisenhower, and Patton county will need to work fast to repair the damages caused by this fire.]]>