Opinions on Shutdown

There have been talks recently from both sides of the issue of the shutdown with speculation of both sides having willingness to shutdown the government for fun. With the Senate and House denying the budget proposal from the cabinet, a shutdown has happened. The House and Senate were attempting to reach a compromise with no progress. “I mean we are not getting anything done anyways. It’s a big deal. The government’s not up and running. It is what it is. You can’t really control it. Because you know not everybody can be as smart as me,”  House representative Luke Wichmann said. On the other hand, some viewed the shutdown as a detriment. “They’re taking this like its a joke. I think [a government shutdown] would take away the fun. They said we’re taking it too seriously.I don’t think the government shutdown would be beneficial in anyway. I mean, government shutdowns even in the real life almost never accomplish anything,” Lt. Governor LiCastro said. ]]>