First Day of Rec

By Omar Bustillos-Andrade Monday afternoon was the first day that all the delegates got to start competing in their chosen sports during recreation time at the Kansas State Sports Complex. Delegates got to choose between basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. Many people were excited to finally be having some free and recreational time, but what they didn’t expect was how poorly the sports were run. A softball player from Kennedy County had said that he was confused on why only one field was being used for it, when there were more available. A soccer player from Bradley County had said he was annoyed that the goals didn’t have any nets, and that they would have to waste time retrieving balls after shots were taken. As for a delegate from Eisenhower who was playing volleyball, he had said that their games got done early, and that they messed around most of the time, but he had also said that they couldn’t hear the sirens, which caused them to go in to the other teams’ playing time. Although there were many complaints about how recreational time was run, the delegates all had said they still enjoyed their recreational time and the sports they played.]]>