Profile of KSBS Governor Candidates

Photo Credit Dustin Curiel. Profile of KSBS Governer Candidates. Photo Credit Dustin Curiel.[/caption] By Hunter Hotaling After today’s Morning Assembly, the Boys State of Kansas shortened their list to 3 promising candidates for state governor. Along with KSBS Radio and Broadcast, we tracked down all three and asked them: Why should the Boys State of Kansas elect you for governor and what issue is most pressing to you? Chayne Dessaso from Eisenhower County (Federalist Party): “I am a strong candidate with lots of leadership qualities from clubs and extracurriculars and I believe that I can work across the aisle with reasonable people so we can get things done. The most important issue we need to get solved is to get more funding to counties so that they can build and make progress towards their infrastructure.” As a federalist, I attended his speech at our caucus and he was very passionate towards his beliefs and I look forward towards how this plays out on the state level. Daniel Soriano from Marshall County (Nationalist Party): “Apart from qualifications, my strongest factor towards being governor is to not only hear everybody’s voice, but to be able to have an open mindedness that not a lot of people have. Being a debater, state qualifier, and state competitor all three years of high school, I know what that takes and I’ll be able to hear out every party and not just the Nationalist Party to make sure everyone has a great time.” I was not able to attend the Nationalist Party caucus and I am genuinely upset about this because Soriano was very personable and connected with our media staff, something that could be interesting during the speeches this afternoon. Bayne Schrader from Powell County (Liberty Party): “I stand for all people, I believe that the two party system is essentially corrupt and does not equally represent everyone. There is always going to be someone is not Blue or Red, Coke or Pepsi. I believe that we as the Liberty Party can help provide for that and equally represent everyone as they stand.” This speech this afternoon is guaranteed to gain a lot of attention but its voter count is still a grey area.]]>