Good Boy: Highway Patrol Is Introduced to the Super Sniffer

Today at Boys State members of the highway patrol were introduced to one of Manhattan’s K-9 units. As they walked outside, five members of the group were asked to hide objects in the grass for the K-9 to find. More than five happily obliged, and after a multitude of items were hidden, they were given a brief lesson on the procedures of safely disarming a bomb. After said lesson was over, the K-9 was brought out of its car and was quite literally quivering with excitement for the task ahead. As the dog sniffed the air and quickly honed in on the hidden objects, the Staters gathered around were awestruck at how proficient they were at their job. With all items found, the members of the highway patrol were given another lesson on how K-9 units were trained and then dismissed. All in all, this was an impressive display and a great learning opportunity for those at boys state!

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