Who’s Your Governor?

By Maverick Aggson and Cam McDonald -Staters Union

The governor race has come to a close, however deliberation of the candidates has just begun amongst county leaders, senators, and the like. The two gubernatorial nominees include, Nationalist Owen Miller and Federalist Noah Gould as well as the Lieutenant Governors Shekhar Gugnani and Chris Ramsey. 

To start off, Nationalist candidate Owen Miller, who is the leader of the Republican club in his school, believes that as the parties do have at least somewhat similar beliefs, what puts him ahead of the other candidate is his experience as a nationally ranked debater. 

However, Federalist Chris Ramsey (Ex. President of the Senate), who is a former Nationalist, switched parties to become the lieutenant governor for Noah Gould and his platform. Noah Gould believes that his policies of cooperation and communication will help Boys State to push legislation through. He has cooperated with Ramsey in the past and has a healthy reputation amongst his peers.

Here is What the lieutenant governor had to say about his decision to change his party affiliation: “[The switch] was not about parties, but instead getting things done for Kansas, so I thought Noah was the best Candidate for all Kansas to work together and get things done.” Gould and Ramsey aim to speak to the other counties and cities themselves to make sure they can help them in the way they need. No doubt, both Nationalists, and Federalists alike eagerly anticipate what these Freshly Elected candidates will do for our state.


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