House Discusses, Dismisses Transformative Agro-Bill

By Luke Steinle – Staters Union A House bill that could have revolutionized meat production was recently voted down in the KSBS House of Representatives. Representative Payton Harmons proposed a bill which would increase the funding of cellular agriculture research. The funding would have been used to begin creating mass quantities meat from STEM cells in a bioreactor as part of a three year plan. Representative Harmon explained that not only would this new type of meat production cut greenhouse gas emissions drastically, but it would also cut back on the overuse of antibiotics contributing to antibiotic resistant bacteria and create a new industry to help economic growth. Harmon’s plan would have used tax revenue from the commercialized production of marijuana; however, it would not legalize marijuana by itself. This was concerning to some representatives, as the bill was dependant on the passage of another. Harmon said that by funding research of cellular agriculture, STEM cells could be used to produce eggs, milk, fish, poultry, beef and other types of meat. Many representatives, especially from more rural, agricultural counties were concerned about the bill’s effect on blue collar ranchers. Largely for that reason, the bill was voted down.]]>