Simulation Glitch Changes Plans Everywhere

By Matt Goeckel – Staters Union A glitch in the simulation system caused many counties and cities to believe they had a very different balance than was in their account. Monday morning, Staters were informed of the change, which in some cases was tens of thousands of dollars. Many cities and counties began planning operations on Sunday, and suffered a setback because of the sudden change, Forcing them to have to restart the planning process again on Monday. Marshall County was one of the many who were informed Monday morning of the glitch that had misled them to believe they had $40,300 instead of $300. The glitch, which also affected the town of Mantee in Marshall County, changed the county’s future plans. “We were going to have a police academy and hire more officers, but now we have to settle for one,” Commissioner Travis said. Other plans for Marshall County included a large fire station and a jail. They are now working on more affordable projects including education, wind energy, and a local supermarket. The Marshall County commission has found good in the situation, however. The town of Mantee also had a large sum of money, leading to an imbalance in county power. The cities of Lane and Kyle were being ignored due to low balances, and were forced to take out large bonds to keep up with Mantee. “We were spending all our time with that town [Mantee] because they had the money,” Commissioner Travis said. “It’s a lot more balanced now.”]]>