In Favor of Legalizing Murder

By Derek Bryant – Staters Union As we transition into day three of this year’s session of Boys State it seems that we are all starting to hear some pretty interesting and progressive policies being brought to the attention of the state. Policies such as the legalization of prostitution and the legalization of marijuana have been discussed and the reasoning behind both of these seem to be money, so while we are at it, why not legalize murder for the same reason? At first this may seem like a crazy and outlandish idea, but why not? Our society would easily benefit economically through these policies. Just as the state would sell licenses to deal marijuana or prostitute himself, it would also be able to profit off of a license to kill. So as we approach state elections and the halfway mark of the week keep this in your thoughts: if we are willing to go this far, then why not go all the way? This piece is intended as satire. The Staters Union does not endorse murder.]]>