The Right to Know

By Media Staters – Staters Union In the first amendment of the american constitution, all media is given the right to free speech and the freedom of press. The more controversial question within this is where do you draw the line? What should the media have jurisdiction over and to what extent do outside factors have control over the press? I think before answering these questions, it’s essential to look at that the main focuses of media. In media, the main goals are to spread and draw attention to the truth. Obviously, these focuses don’t do justice to all that the media does. The media is a continuously operating voice for the people that will not forfeit what the people want for compensation. But, these goals essentially encompass what the media strives to accomplish. So where do you draw the line? A simple answer would be to say that media has jurisdiction over everything that’s the truth. But, should the truth be spread if it will endanger the well-being of the company? Should the truth be spread if it is going to physically endanger someone? There are many specifics that go into and answering this question but, I believe as long as physical endangerment is not involved (and it rarely would be), media has the right to spread anything that preaches the truth. These limits are crucial because freedom without order is anarchy. This also coincides with censorship over certain topics. If we didn’t believe that some topics were inappropriate for certain ages or certain people, we would let our children watch Top Gun or Grand Theft Auto. The factor of the audience and who the media is reporting for is also has to be taken into account. If you’re a journalist from Complex and are writing consistently about hip hop music, you have some leeway. As technology progresses and the world changes around us, there is certainly room for discussion. Advertisements increase media revenue and promote the idea of “click-baiting”. As soon as you open a website, they begin to make money. As long as they can get you to click on the website, they will make money. This doesn’t mean that the article itself can be awful. It just means that the magnitude of a title has changed the media game significantly, especially since it’s directly related to revenue.]]>