Inside the Senate

Cam McDonald -Staters Union

So far in Boys State, there have been issues reported about the senate, as the senate has had a very difficult time trying to pass any bill. The only bill that has been passed by the senate is one about armored vehicles. One concerned Senator who wishes to be anonymous came down to the media room to voice the problems that face the senate right now. Currently, the senate is debating an abortion bill and this senator believes that this time could be much better spent communicating to the counties and cities about their taxes. The rest of the senate doesn’t seem to agree with this, because according to him they would rather give him some very limited time to speak, but they usually try to keep him inside the senate room to talk about the abortion debate. He believes that this is limiting senator communications and they are avoiding their true responsibilities. Explaining his frustrations, this senator says, “I believe that limiting senator communications with constituents is in opposition to the purpose of the responsibility of the senate to work for the benefit of the county and city officials. I believe that the senate has, on the whole, forgotten its purpose to act in the needs of its constituents.”


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