Tensions between the senate and Seitz county

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Seitz county, after earlier turmoil and scandal, has taken back the leverage after two state wide summits held on their territory, as well as many economic and community projects that have left the county in a much better state. This comeback eventually earned the county recognition for ‘Best Government Banner.’ But recently, there have been tensions between the revitalized Seitz county and the senate, coming to a head yesterday morning when a bill (the Act to Establish Cannibalism Victims and Survivors Remembrance day as a State Holiday) reached the House of Representatives that, according to the Bill in sections 2, 3 and 4,”On Cannibalism Victims and Survivors Remembrance day, all citizens of Seitz County are required to wear their Boys State shirt inside out with the tag facing forward during the lunch period only; The memorial for cannibalism victims and survivors will be constructed in Thompson city of Seitz County; Seitz County will construct and fund the memorial after construction; Seitz County will be responsible for upkeep of the memorial until the end of time.”

“I didn’t have to make any convincing arguments, everybody liked it right away and was put to a 6-4,” says Powell senator Jordan Myers stated on the topic of the bill passing through.

Here is what County Clerk of seitz 

Daryl Nguyen had to say on The Bill, “This Bill Blatantly Targeted seitz county.”

The city manager of Seitz Donald Chambers, likewise when asked how a bill like this could affect Seitz county, stated simply, “It would be an insult.”Luckily for the County of Seitz, this bill was shot down as soon as it reached the House Floor; however, feelings among the community remain tense. 

Whether or not this issue rises once more in the future, for many counties this could be considered a worrying trend. Plenty of House Members have expressed grumbles with the senate, but it would certainly be advisable for any county to keep paying attention to the actions of the state legislature.


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